Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fashion Tips for CURVY WOMEN !!!

Well they say I am fat but I say I am blessed :)
Women with curves are blessed, that's what I think and many people say - so girls if you have the curves, love them, its the most desirable shape on the planet.
According to a research done by BBC, curvy women are more intelligent, brighter and attractive than skinny women.So girls who are killing themselves with crash diet and over exercise to get that size zero just relax.You are the most preferred ones these days.
Each one of us should embrace ourselves and rather than trying hard to change the way we look should try to flaunt ourselves :)
So here I am today with  dressing tips for women with curves :)

  • Wear well-fitted clothes - a dress that is too big will only make you look bigger and clothes that are too tight will also make you look larger.So opt for the right fitting dresses
  • Darker Bottom and Lighter top - Wear a darker bottom and lighter coloured top to emphasize your waistline and to minimize your curves
  • Say No to HIPSTERS
  • Wear skirts that end just at your knee cap.That will make your legs look longer
  • Avoid high necks and keep your neckline open.
  • Boot cut jeans are for you
  • Accessories your outfit with a flattering neck piece or ear rings to divert the focus from your heavy bottom
Curvy figure is considered by most to be the ideal female form. So most importantly, be confident about your body. Dressing smartly will help you show-off your assets while hiding your problem areas. 

So, ladies flaunt your style coz you totally worth it :)


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