Monday, 11 July 2011

Live your Dreams !!!

A wedding day is a dream day....
A girl drenched in the sheen of beauty, dressed in gorgeous wedding attires wait for her man to come and take her to a world where all her dreams come true.With hopes in her heart and tears in her eyes a girl leaves her parent's home.She walks into a new world and embrace the new life.She molds herself to adjust into the new family.She adopts their culture, their tradition.She gives love and care to all and try her best to keep everyone happy.
BUT does she get this in return????
They say people are changing.Indian society has changed.But is it true???Are all brides getting what they deserve???
There are still many girls who are dying each day, each moment. They are killed.Their dreams hopes everything is brutally trashed by none other than their own people.The in laws who bring her to their house treat her like servant.The husband who has taken marriage vows to keep her safe turns to be a monster.Is it fair?Does a girl ever deserve this?Does any of us deserve this?No....
Its high time now that we all start respecting ourselves.Its time we all don't take ourselves for granted.We aren't so weak so fragile.Lets be strong enough and never let anyone hurt us in anyway.
Love all but Love yourself first
Respect all but Respect yourself first
Let other Live but learn to Live first....

Always be happy...Live you dreams....Coz you totally worth it :)

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