Sunday, 31 July 2011

All About Blush

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When I first started doing makeup or getting into cosmetics, I just had no one to guide me.I was so confused. I used to sit for hours and surf the net to know what product to use or in short "All abouts" of various products.
I really don’t want any beginner to face any problem like I did, So I have decided to write blogs specially for each product like foundation, eyeshadow, lipcolor, n todays topic is BLUSH.
Blush gives depth and contour to your cheeks and accentuates your inner glow. Blush is one of those beauty products that is often misused. It can immediately make you look brighter and revitalized if you know which type to use and which color works for you. To achieve the perfect blush look, you have to know certain basic about blush.

First lets have a look at the TYPE OF BLUSH :

  • POWDER BLUSH :Powder blush,  is generally the safest option for those not used to wearing color on their cheeks as it can be easy to achieve the perfect tone. It is applied with a blush brush.It works especially well for people with oily skin.

  • CREAM BLUSH :For those of you with dry skin, Cream blushes are best.It is best applied with your fingers and work very well to achieve a flushed, dewy look on your face; accordingly, they don’t work well for women with already oily skin.

  • LIQUID HIGHLIGHTERS :Beware of shimmery colors and stick to matte colors, at least for day, as glitter can accentuate any flaws. Opt for blending a liquid highlighter into your skin for that added lift without the obvious shimmer.Apply with fingers to get the perfect glow.

Beyond picking a type of blush that works for you, the color is of the utmost importance. Choosing a blush color is not the time to follow trends. The hottest colors may look great at the beauty counter but most probably won’t work for everyone. 

So now lets have a look at the what color blush suits your skin tone....

  • Fair Skin: For women with very fair skin light corals, peachy-pinks or a warm toned rose tint works the best.
  •  Medium Skin: For medium toned women, choose an earthy pink or warm rosy-coral shade  to bring out the natural warm tones in your face. Women with yellow undertones should opt for coral or copper shades as they can enhance the yellow tones rather than work against them.
  • Olive Skin: Olive skin tones work best with saturated, warm pink and apricot colors as they give a subtle flush without making it look like you’re wearing too much makeup.
  • Dark Skin: Women with dark skin can get away with using a lot of color on their cheeks as long as they blend.Rust, plum, bronze, and burnt orange colors work very well on darker tones as they brighten your complexion but still appear natural.
Now the last and most important thing to keep in mind while applying a blush is BLEND it well....The more you blend the more glow you get...

So friends thats all for today...and thats all about BLUSH...hope my tips help you all....
Take care
n Blush with a Flush :)

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