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Stylish accessories are staple part of woman's wardrobe as they can really flatter even the simplest outfit. Woman of every size can accentuate her look by accessorizing it with trendy accessories.
Plus size women often feel that they don’t need accessories as it will highlight their weak points and would lead to a drab look, but it’s a wrong notion. Accessories can actually brighten up the look and make it stylish. Correctly chosen accessory can make one appear slimmer and sexier.

So Lets have a look at must have accessories for Plus Size Women:
  • JEWELRY :Plus size women should go for chunky, larger, bold piece of jewelry as it will make a huge difference to their look. Long necklace, huge pendant, chunky earrings, thick bracelets, etc.. are their forte.

  • Trendy ELASTIC BELT :Belts are one of the best accessories as they add a touch of style to whole look. But regular belt would be little tight for plus size women. So, choosing a trendy elastic belt is best option as it is fashionable as well as functional.

  • LEGGINGS : a chic pair of dark leggings along with long tunics, mini dresses, long sweaters or tees. Besides adding softness and style to your look they are extremely comfy as well as versatile wardrobe pieces.

  • SUNGLASSES :A well-chosen pair of sunglasses will flatter your face shape to give you a classy look, and make you look sexy as well as super-stylish.

  • Perfectly sized HANDBAGS :shop for a handbag that will be in proportion to your figure. Stay away from any kind of small totes or tiny bags as will optically make you seem larger.
While shopping, Be sure whatever you choose to use as an accessory is not tiny, as it will instantly add pounds to your visual appearance.

So hope my tips helped you in accessorising your look.
C u guys later.
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