Monday, 18 July 2011

Shopping Mantra for Married Couples :)

SHOPPING is something we women enjoy and men are scared of :P
Well for a couple, shopping or such outings are always fun.Time spent together is always what they look for.
But some people say life change after marriage.A couple is so much caught up with responsibility that they forget to enjoy such moments of togetherness.
But for My Hubby n Me life did change after marriage but in a better way.While an unmarried couple without any financial burden enjoys shopping endlessly, a responsible married couple with a target to save too enjoys but in their own way.

So lets have a look how to transform a boring grocery shopping to a kind of A DATE :)

  • Firstly never leave house with a fight or an argument.Cos this will spoil the entire mood of enjoying.Try to leave house together with smiles.
  • If you going to meet your spouse at a common place, greet him/ her with a small hug.That will wipe out all tiredness.
  • Try to change the mode of transport.Get out of the car and try walking down together or taking a bus.
  • When you reach the mall dont just hurry.Be slow and enjoy the whole process of shopping.
  • Never shop alone when with your spouse.Involve him/her.
  • Try finding humor.Laugh talk and shop..
  • Apart from the household items from your list try to buy something special together like in our case plants, decorative items and new foood items :)
  • After shopping, If possible eat something together.Let it be a meal or any snack.
After such an amazing day trust me you guys will never get bored thinking about a grocery shopping.
Trust me after this day, you will rather call it a DATE :)

Have fun and remember marriage isn't the end of life but its a beginning of a new life, a much better life.Life is full of so many such moments to enjoy just try to figure it out together.

Hope you enjoyed my post :)
Until my next post
n ya Have a happy Shopping :)

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