Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Simple Solution to Dry, Chapped, Burnt Lips : Sugar Lips Scrub

hey guys
I have been totally into "CHINESE TEAs" lately.Me and my hubby had made it a tradition to have a cup of tea after dinner. It had really helped us in our digestion.
I had never been a addictive tea/coffee drinker in my whole life. So when it comes to drinking anything 'HOT', I end up burning my tongue and this time it was my lips. My lips got dry and roasted, it was hurting like hell.But I didn't want to stop drinking tea cause it was helping me with my digestion.So I started finding a at home solution for my dry lips. "LIPS SCRUB"
Again I was not willing to spend money on expensive lips scrubs and I didnt trust cheap scrubs. So I started doing my own SUGAR LIPS SCRUB at home.
And trust me guys its super easy and super effective. And you don't need to spend a fortune.

  • Grab some lip balm onto your finger. I prefer my ring finger as its the lightest one.
  • Take some sugar(probably few pinch) on a tissue and dip the balm coated finger on to it.
  • The sugar crystals will stick to you fingers.
  • Now rub the sugar+balm finger all over your lips gently to ex foliate.
  • When you are done wipe your lips with a tissue.
  • Dont forget to apply a thick quote of lipbalm on your lips after exfoliation.
This will make your lips soft and will help get rid of dryness.


  1. Good idea! =D I shall try this one day ^_^

    1. Ya Leimun....this really helps to get rid of dry lips..


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