Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Current Favourites : Skin care, Body care and Hair Care !!!

hey gorgeous !!!

Its end of July. I remember doing my last Jan/Feb favourites here. After that I just got busy with other posts and never exactly got a chance to do a "Favourite" post. But now I have really accumulated a lot of favs, so its time I talk about it.

    Its been years I am using this as my facial moisturiser.I have raved about it earlier here. It makes my skin well moisturised without breaking me out. It has a tint, so sometimes when I am at home or just going out for shopping, I can totally skip my foundation. Its like my holy grail Moisturiser.

    I am getting few white heads around my nose lately and so I have been ex-foliating my face twice/thrice a week. For this I have choose St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This is quite gentle on my face. The particles aren't harsh or rough. So I can totally exfoliate twice or even thrice a week without irritating my skin.

I have never been into toning. But now that I have started using a toner, I have seen a difference on my skin.I am applying Clean n Clear toner from past 3months and I am totally in love with it. Its helping me control oiliness and visible pores.Its good for acne prone skin so there is no break out at all.

For my lips, I am using my Sugar Lip Scrub ones a week (which I talked about here ) and after that I am using moisturising my lips with Maybelline Baby lips. It keeps my lips soft smooth and glossy. I use it under my lipstick also.


    I am loving my Pomegranate Spa Exfoliating Bath Scrub from Guardian. It smells yummy and exfoliate my skin properly.

    For my all over moisturiser, I have been slathering on the Johnson Body Care lotion. It has a nice fruity smell and it keep my skin well hydrated.

For my elbows and knees, I am using the Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I dont need to say anything about it cause the Body Shop's body butters are awesome.

    I am totally in love with Nivea Whitening Happy Shave Deo. Apart from its prime purpose, it moisturises my under arms without irritating it after shaving.

    I have been struggling with dry itchy scalp for quite a long time. But finally I got a solution for it. Oil massage has really helped me get rid of the dryness and eventually itching. I massage oil on my scalp and leave it for 2 to 4hrs and then Shampoo my hair with Head and Shoulders shampoo for dry scalp. These two products have worked wonder and now my scalp is happy.

    Next is my Loreal Smooth intense anti Frizz Serum. I am in love with it. It does exactly what it says. No frizz, No dryness, No tangles, and a smooth finish. See complete review here
Well guys, these are my favourite Skin care, Body care and Hair care products. I will do a separate post for my favourite Makeup Products soon.
If you have any question about any of these products do ask me in the comment section.

So what are your Favourites ???


  1. Ahh I have the same Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter.. But I hardly use... I normally would reach for my Shea Body Butter instead.. Very good selection of products...

    1. thanks Angie :) Body shop body butters are so yummy ;)

  2. Strawberry body butter really sound yummy! I should try that! :)

  3. Lots of Good information in your post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks.

    1. thank you so much....you are welcome to my blog :)


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