Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My New Silkygirl Duo Eyeshadows

hi my lovely beauties....I hope you all are doing great !!!
I went to Guardian the other day, and saw some Silkygirl Duo Eyeshadows. I have already reviewed Silkygirl Duo Eyeshadows here You can click here to see all my Silkygirl Duo Eyeshadows swatches.

This post is swatches of my new duos :)

Here are my three new loves

Lets Do Some Swatches !!!

SILVER STAR : As the name suggest it consists of a GRAY and a BLACK shade and both with Silver micro-shimmers in it.

GOLDEN JADE : It consists of a GOLD and a OLIVE GREEN shade with golden micro-shimmers in it

PURPLE STORM : It consists of a SKY BLUE and a PURPLE shade with Silver micro-shimmers in it

I hope you like the shades. I can't wait to try these on and do a Eye look for you guys. So stay tuned !!!


  1. oohh... new makeup. always a healthy obsession! hehehe... i love new makeup. it makes me feel adventurous! like i'm a painter and my face is my canvas! hahaha.. let's hope i don't buy literally buy face paint after this! ;) hehehe... silkygirl looks good and you should check out in2it as well. they have really good colour payoff. :) i can't wait to see the looks you'll do with these! :)

    1. yes Farah, makeups are so precious :)
      I love In2it as well and using them from a long time !!! Done a review recently on their blush and eyeshadow.

      Thanks for your support dearie :)


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