Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My Take Time : In2It Facial Highlighter in Warm Gold

hey beauties

I have been using In2It products from past oven an year and I have been loving it. Its an affordable drugstore brand which delivers quality products.
I have raved about In2It Sheer Shimmer Blush HERE and about In2It Sheer Eye Color HERE

I have heard about the new FACIAL HIGHLIGHTER from quite a long time and have been waiting for it eagerly to release. Finally I got my hands on it :)


  • It comes in two shades WARM GOLD and RADIANT PINKS. I am a fan of Golds, so I bought the Warm Gold shade.
  • The packaging is kind of cute, The designs and the transparent lid just at the right place really impressed me.
  • It retails at RM 24.90.
  • You can easily get it at any drugstores.I got it from Guardian


In2It Facial Highlighter in Warm Gold

I hope you can see the glow :-)


Its a lovely highlighter with great quality and economical.

  • Gives a nice healthy glow. Its comparable to my theBalm Mary-Lou-Manizer (Read review HERE ). Though not that perfect but can say a drugstore and affordable version of Mary-Lou.
  • It gives a pearly finish. 
  • It has a decent pigmentation. 
  • It doesn't have a powdery texture. It feels smooth on the skin.
  • Easy to blend as well.
  • When you grab the lighter shades, it gives a nice warm glow and when you run your brush over the darker shades it gives a sheer shade of gold along with a glow. Therefore its perfect for day time as well as night time.
  • I use it to accentuate my Cheek bones, Brow bones and Inner tear duct. It catches a lot of light and gives a perfect glow.
  • I have even used the Bronze shade as eyeshadow ;) 
  • Its a multi use product and who don't like multi-use products !!!
  • Have great stay on power(Experimented for 5hrs)
  • The only complain I have is that if applied too much it can get a bit more glittery at times. So use a LIGHT HAND. This actually goes for every highlighters.
  • Easily available locally. I got mine from Guardian, BB Plaza.
  • Cheap :) hehehe
Well its a HIT HIT HIT for me :) And I am totally in to it. I am going to buy the other shade as well.
I hope you guys find my post helpful ....Thanks n stay beautiful coz you totally worth it !!!


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