Saturday, 7 July 2012

Elianto haul

I went to the mall this weekend and as expected I visited the Elianto counter. My last elianto haul is here
They were having a 70% discount and I picked up few eyeshadows.

My Cutie Pies

PEARL SHINE SHADOW in AQUAMARINE :Its a nice bright AQUA shade with a sheen

PEARL SHINE SHADOW in ANTIQUE VIOLET :Its a nice bright VIOLET shade with a sheen
ARDOUR SHADOW in EARTH BROWN : Its a MATTE BROWN.I got it for my eye brows

PEARL SHINE SHADOW in CELEDON GREEN :Its a nice subtle GREEN shade with a sheen

I love these shades as they are colorful and fun.
Stay tuned for more FOTDs !!!


  1. Their packaging is so pretty!! Xxx
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    1. hey Marib...Really happy 2see ur page on FB...i have liked it :)

  2. I love the color you chose! Discount even better!!

    1. Thanks Lil.....U got 2try it when u come to Kl next :)

  3. Hello =),how are you doing?

    it's my first time commenting on your blog. =)...

    Those are very pretty colors which you have picked. So what do you think about the eye shadow quality. I have bought a couple before and i'm quite happy with it.

    But for some reason they felt heavy on my eyelids and tired whenever I apply them. My sister suggest that I may be facing some allergic reaction to the product (I do have allergic problem). I'm not too sure about it ...But it's such a waste as I stopped using it..(wonder if i am the only one who face such issues)

    Elianto always have a wide selection of vibrant and pretty colors to choose from... I love the Antique Violet color which you have picked.... Looking forward to your FOTD's

    Owh and did you try on their nail polishes? I think they are not bad as well especially the one in Grape wine.. You should really try that. You'll love it. =)

    1. Hi Angie....thanks for ur comment....I have been using Elianto eyeshadows from past over an year.Never faced any allergies.May be u r allergic to it :(
      I will do FOTDs soon.... Thanks for suggesting the nail color will try it for sure....

  4. Hi Arpita..elianto punye eyeshadow best kan. btw..u punya blog byk review..nice. singgah la blog saya


    1. Thanks Sarah...l.i am following ur blog too....

  5. Hi arpita! Nice blog :) i followed! Elianto is really awesome for its variation of shades and price! They're quite creamy as well. But i find they crease a bit too easily on me :/

    1. hi Aisyah...thanks for following :)
      About creasing, try using a good primer portion.May be Urban decay/ too faced shadow insurance.
      I wear the shadows with the Elianto primer and I dont have any creasing.


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