Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Appy Released !!

hey beauties.... Finally the kidnappers aka my lovely family released me with a heavy heart and me back in Kuala Lumpur. Had a lovely time with family. Ate a lot and ate a lot more and ate some more !!!
Family is so precious and I love my family alot. Looking forward to visiting my family again :(
Here are a few pics

The below pics are from KONARK SUN TEMPLE. Its an archaeological heritage in Odisha.Its famous for its architecture and design.The temple is in the form of a Chariot and is heavily decorated with stone carvings. Read more about Konark here 

I had an awesome time at home. We all deserves a break from our routine life, right !! 

Will be back with lot more beauty and fashion post soon :) Till then stay beautiful coz you totally worth it !!!


  1. Welcome back and looks like you enjoyed loads while you were gone, love the eastern wear on you! :) xx cute pictures.

  2. Thanks for showing your hometown!!! Always fascinated anouy India. Such a beautiful and vibrant country. I always visit little India @Klang when I go back to KL. Hubby from Klang.:)


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