Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sephora Haul : Nyx and Soap and Glory

hey beauties...
As many of you know that I had been to my home, India for a few weeks and so I was missing from my blog and from internet as I was enjoying my stay with family to the fullest.
Now I am physically back but not mentally. I bet many of you know how it feels to leave home and come miles away :( I am trying to cope up with my routine life all over again but still feeling low and lazy.
Anyways I will be back with more frequent posts soon and until then stay beautiful and Thanks for your cooperation :)
I went to Sephora yesterday. I wanted to pick some Nyx Round lipsticks (See my Nyx haul here )but to my horror all lipsticks were out of stock and there were just two shades available,Frappuccino and B52. While Frappuccino was more on nuder side, I liked B52 and got it. So here is what I got from Sephora.

Just loved it... The scent is yummy !!!

Nyx Round Top Lipstick in B52
Pinky - Nude shade

Nyx Matte Lipstick in Sweet Pink
Bubblegum Pink shade

Nyx Dual sharpner
I was in search of this to sharpen my Jumbo Pencil

So here's my small Sephora haul. See you lovelies later with some more posts and FOTDs...
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