Thursday, 29 November 2012

Product of the Month : November

hey beauties.Are you excited to welcome December??? Yay finally Christmas is coming. Its so festive all around. I am really pumped up these days.
But before biding goodbye to November, its time for the Product of the Month. So,November's Product of the Month Award goes to..... MAYBELLINE ANGELFIT PERFECT CONCEALER.

Sponge tip wand is easy to dot the product


I got this concealer a long time ago but never reached for it so much, But last month when I went to India, I really had lots of sleepless nights and my dark circles were obvious :( So I applied this amazing concealer and trust me guys it not only helped me with the dark circles but also brightened up my eyes. I am so much in love with it and have been using it all through October and November. I use it to conceal my dark circles only.

I use the shade 02 NATURAL BEIGE
I apply three to four dots around my eyes and blend it with my fingers. I pat my fingers and blend it. 


Before (oopssssss)

After applying concealer

After setting concealer with powder

  • Eyes instantly brightens up and dark circles are concealed naturally.
  • Nice creamy texture is easy to apply and blends on easily.
  • Sleek packaging is easy to travel with
  • A little goes a long way. I use 3 to 4 small dots on both eyes and I am good to go.
  • Doesn't cake.
  • No Drying effect.
  • It doesn’t settle on fine lines on my under eye when blended well. 
  • It is lightweight. It looks very natural on my skin. 
  • This lasts 5- 6 hours on me.
  • I find it affordable. Around rm 20.
  • It is available locally. Maybelline counters are in almost all drugstore stores.
  • It gives nice coverage on my dark under eye. It gives light to medium coverage that looks very natural.
  • The only downside is its available in only two shades :( But thankfully I got my perfect shade.
Its a CATCH IT for me. I am loving it and definitely going to repurchase it. Do comment below and let me know your views about this product and share with me your favourite product for the month.


  1. Aww, Nice review.. but I can never find the shade which suits me . they are either too light or too dark. hahaha.. even the medium shade I cannot blend it nicely enough to make it look natural.. haha.. But nice review. ! looking forward to your next post !


    1. I totally agree with u Angie... Drugstore concealers have really limited shade selection...thankfully I got a shade which works for me :)
      thanks for your lovely comments dearie :)

  2. Oh I gt this concealer too, take forever to finish it. hahah nice review appy~

    1. yes Leimun a tiny bit goes a long way....thanks honey :)

  3. the difference is quite visible! i have to first finish my current ones..but will def check this out :)

  4. you know how bad my dark circles really tackle that with makeup has always been the biggest challenge for me...
    the only concealer that works for me is MAC..we don't have this product in India though...the one we have in india frm Maybelline is totally "Blah!"
    So for now, I vouch for my MAC concealer <3! :)

    1. ya babes MAC concealers r grt n full coverage ones...

  5. You know how bad my dark circles reallllly bad!! To tackle that with makeup has always been the biggest challenge for me...
    The only concealer that works for me is MAC (even that has some problems in bad lighting :( ).Maybelline has a concealer in India....but not Angelfit...the one we have is totally blah! This works great for ya! :)
    Until then, I vouch for MAC! <3 :)


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