Sunday, 25 November 2012

FOTD : Everyday Makeup Look with a POP

hey beauties.. Today's look is another Everyday makeup look with a pop-up.

  • Prime your eyes.
  • Define the crease with a MATTE BROWN shade.
  • Apply a BRONZE shade all over the lid.
  • Now take a DARK BROWN/ BLACK shade and apply it on the outer V.
  • Blend it well along the crease.
  • Now highlight the browbone and the inner part of the eye.
  • Now for the Pop. Line the lower lash line with a AQUA color liner. I used Elianto eyeshadow in AQUAMARINE.

  • Line the upper lash line and water line with a BLACK liner.
  • Apply few coats of mascara and your eyes are done.
  • Now go for a PEACH blush.I am using Daiso Multicheek blush in ORANGE.
  • For the Lips, go for a PINK/ROSY shade.I am wearing my new Nyx Round Lipstick in Gardenia. Its a lovely pink shade with a bit of shimmer in it. Its such a gorgeous yet subtle shade.

I hope you guys like this easy everyday look with a pop. Do comment below and share with me your ideas.


  1. very pretty Arpita :) love the way you apply eyeliner :) which one is it?

    1. thanks Parita... in upper lashline, I am using Silkygirl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen and for lowerlash line, I am using Elianto eyeshadow in AQUAMARINE.

    2. i m def checking out elianto's eyeshadows..have heard they are good..n this eyeliner pen also look nice:) i admire how you get such thin precise line on upper lash line..m still learning :)

    3. me too learning :) DO try ELIANTO and SILKYGIRL they are pretty good brands here and in expensive too....

    4. oh yeah i have seen elianto eyeshadows..i want to get some matte ones since i love them for everyday wear :) btw r u working here?

    5. btw did you get my email which i had sent yesterday?

    6. yupp do grab them...bdw here's my mail id: you can mail me anytime...really happy 2know a fellow indian blogger !!!

    7. oh let me send it again :( did you check in your spam? just in case?

  2. Oh your blue eyeshadow so stunning!

  3. Thats a great soft look. I love a hint of color in the eyes. Great combination :)


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