Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Take Time : Maybelline Eyestudio Diamond Glow Eyeshadow Quad

hey beauties !!! I am really in love with MAYBELLINE products. They are believed to be one of the Must Buy drugstore brands.Both Quality as well as Price wise.
I have used many Maybelline products and have loved them all so far.Concealer, Lipcolors, Blushes and Eyeshadows.
Today I am going to let out my view on the MAYBELLINE EYESTUDIO DIAMOND GLOW EYESHADOW QUADS. phewww now thats a real long name.

  • The packaging isn't that amazing, But again cant expect more attractive package for the price paid.
  • It comes with a dual end sponge tip applicator.
  • It has a small demo behind showing which shade to apply where.So its kind of a guide for beginners.
  • Its retails for around rm 33 at all drugstores.But again products at drugstores are always in offer !!!


GRAY PINK : Its a mixture of lighter to darker shade of gray with a shade of dusty pink
See FOTD here

COPPER BROWN : Its a mixture of lighter to darker shade of Copper 
See FOTD here

LILAC MAUVE : Its a mixture of lighter to darker shade of Purple with a shade of Mauve
see FOTD here

WINE PINK : Its a mixture of lighter to darker shade of Pink with a nice dark Plum shade
See FOTD here and here

FRESH GREEN : Its a mixture of lighter to darker shade of Green with a nice Olive shade
See FOTD here


After using it for over an year, I can say......
  • It has a decent pigmentation
  • Very smooth and glides on easily
  • Easy to blend as well
  • They come in a set of four colors i.e. HIGHLIGHTER, CREASE COLOR and TWO LID COLORS to make a perfect look
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Compact casing makes it easy to travel with
  • Gorgeous shades and finish
  • Have great stay on power(Experimented for 5-6hrs)
  • I would suggest using a primer/base.
  • The only complain I have is that its quite messy in the box.You can see the pics above
  • Easily available locally (Watsons, Guardian,etc...)
  • Cheap :) hehehe
Well its a HIT HIT HIT for me :) And I am totally in love with these quads.

I hope you guys find my post helpful ....Thanks n stay beautiful coz you totally worth it !!!


  1. thinking of purchasing copper brown soon :)

    1. ya Usha go ahead...u will never regret :)

  2. omg..i love your quads! you have all of them! so cool! i love the fresh green palette!

  3. gorgeous colours you have there:)

  4. india they also sell a nice blue quad...

    1. oh wow thats grt...will try 2get my hands on the blue one when I visit India next :)

  5. i bought this palette right after i read your blog! :D and since it's holiday,they're having sales right now :) and i choose copper brown plus the result is nice! it gives me more to natural makeup :)

    1. Hey dearie that's great that you liked it.... :)


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