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My Take Time : Silkygirl Gloss On Lipcolor Review

hello gorgeous !!!
Silky girl products are the very first makeup products I bought in Malaysia. I am totally a fan of them since then.I own a ton of Silkygirl lipsticks,eyeshadowseye pencilsblushes....

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I have been using Silkygirl Lipcolors, ever since I have started doing makeup !!!I owned a ton of Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipcolor. These comes with amazing texture and variety of shades. I will be reviewing them soon.

Recently I came across Silkygirl Gloss On Lipcolors 

I own three shades, and I am just loving it !!!I always stay away from Lipglosses as they usually makes my lips sticky and yikes.So I always hunt for moisturising lipsticks which will serve the purpose of lipgloss without being overly sticky/glossy.The name Gloss On Lipcolor kind of sucked me into it !!!

WARM BERRY : Its a light subtle kind of nude shade

GINGER BROWN : This is a subtle brown shade

SOFT PLUM : This is a nice rich plum shade

P.S. I have applied no LIP BALM or base. Just to show you guys how moisturising it is.But however I would suggest always to wear a lip balm beneath any lip product.

What It Claims
Your puckers will remain “kissably” soft and tantalizingly moist with its Vitamin E Derivatives and Aloe Vera Extract formulation. With the goodness of Chamomile Extract, your lips will no longer be chapped or flaky. And your lips will look radiantly healthy with its Tourmaline contents.

My Verdict
After using it for over 6months, I can say......
  • First the packaging.Well its quite sleek and trendy.I like it
  • The texture is very moisturising and really hydrating
  • Very smooth and glides on easily on the lips
  • Creamy Texture
  • Sleek casing makes it easy to travel with
  • Love the glossy(but not sticky) finish
  • Have good stay on power(Experimented for 5-6hrs).Keeps my lips moisturised without re applying lipbalm which is a great thing for me
  • Range of shades are not much. Mostly Pinks and subtle shades.Suitable for daytime
  • Easily available locally (Watsons, Guardian,etc...)
  • Cheap :) hehehe. Rm 17.77. Look out for offers.I bought buy 1 free 1 and the third one got for rm 12 :)

It is definitely a CATCH IT for me.And I am definitely going to purchase other shades.

Hope my post is helpful for you guys.
Do share your views about this product and do suggest me your favourite shade.



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