Thursday, 4 October 2012

Look Book : Enjoying the Weather at KLCC

Last weekend the weather was really nice at Kuala Lumpur. I was in no mood to stay indoor. So I went with my hubby to KLCC. We just strolled around, took some pics and had a yummy dinner with friends.
It was a nice easy saturday.

We enjoyed alot. Its always good to take off from our routine lives and just let loose.
Oh on the way to KLCC we met Mr Lizard, sun bathing !!! Even he took a day off :)


  1. u look as though u r in ur honeymoon period still.. :)

  2. I always enjoy reading ur post.
    So positive and inspiring!
    I feel want to get a weekend runaway now. hahhah

    1. thanks my dearie Leimun...Have a lovely weekend <3

  3. Omg the lizard is huge lol but Malaysia seems like the loveliest place on earth. I really want to visit Malaysia and Thailand one summer. Nice outfit, Arpita :) xx


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