Monday, 8 October 2012

My Experience as a Plus Size Girl

Have you ever being called FAT in your life ??? Well I have dealt with this all my life. All my life I have been a Plus size girl. And I would never say NO to the fact that life wasn't a bed of roses for me. I had seen days when I used to hide at home so that no one would comment on my body, there were days when I would skip any social occasions/ get together so that some aunty/ some relative will pick me and my weight as a "topic" of their discussion. Even media played a vital role that time to bring down my self esteem. Well there was this time when I felt disgusted about myself. It was not because I didn't look good rather it was because after hearing so much negative I some what accepted in my head that I am ugly, I am alien, I am good for nothing, I am a curse, I am a piece of s*%t !!! I never spoke about this to anyone and was going into a depression all by myself. This will happen when a child is being picked up by this cruel society and being judged for such a trivial thing i.e. Figure/Weight/Size. 
One day while shopping for my birthday, I saw a dress which was so pretty but I couldn't buy it coz they didn't have it in my size. I got another dress. But was so sad from inside. Then I saw another girl who was slim choosing that dress. But she couldn't take the dress coz it was out of her budget. That very moment I dont know what changed in me. While our way back home, I told my dad that "Baba, even if I am fat I have so many other things which many slim girls don't have." My dad said,"Yes, we all have our own blessings." I went home and while sleeping for the first time unlike other nights, I thanked God in my prayers.
The other morning I was changed. I mean it was a new morning for me. I felt good about myself, about how I look, about how my life is. My views really changed and got more positive. All my life I have been into sports, dancing and now into beauty and fashion. I have done stuffs I love doing. No matter what people said. Now after many many years I have evolve as a more positive person and a person with an enormous self esteem. Yes, even now I hear people talking about my body. But now I don't care. I have got the best and supportive family, I do things that I love and enjoy, I am healthy, I am happy and positive. Last but not the least I am Fat and Fabulous !!!
From my journey till now as a plus size girl, I have learned a few lessons which I want to share with you so that you don't shut yourself in a room a sorrow and negativity. We all deal with many negative things in our lives like body image, skin color, status, many more... We can't change other's mentality but a thing that we can change in ours way to live. Live life in a much happier way. 

  • EMBRACE YOURSELF : Love yourself. People can comment on your looks, your character, but remember one thing you are the only one who can judge yourself.If you feel you are beautiful then you matter what others say. If you love yourself, you will start seeing a whole lot of changes in your life.
  • LIVE YOUR DREAMS : Do whatever you love doing. You love fashion, go for it. Dress yourself. Do whatever gives you happiness. People will say things, let them say. Never stop doing things for others. Do whatever you love to do. If you do stuffs you enjoy, then you will be happier and more positive.
  • COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS : You have many things that others don't have. You are fortunate and start counting them. You will soon forget the odds in your life.
  • EXERCISE : Do not exercise to loose weight, rather exercise to stay fit. To stay healthy. Fat, thin, all these are not important. One thing that is important is GOOD HEALTH. There are many plus size people who are healthy and many size zero people who are unhealthy. So change start focusing on good health. and not on numbers.
  • One last suggestion for the friends and families. Stay supportive. Don't always talk about the persons body image. This will make him/her conscious and will put down his/her's confidence. Support and talk about positive stuffs. 
Thanks a lot guys for stopping by. I hope you liked this post. Do comment below and share your views. I love hearing from you all.
Next time when some one calls your fat turn around and say to him/her, "I am blessed, God bless you too ;) "


  1. DD..nothing counts when u have a wonderful life with ur hubby..

    1. yes and ofcourse lovely friends like you :)

    2. so sweet of u!! thanks a lot :D

  2. so motivated after read this post!
    Thanks Appy =D


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