Sunday, 30 June 2013

Product of the Month : June - Nyx Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone

hey beauties....
Its bye bye June time !!! Monsoon is slowly entering my home town in India. The weather is changing from Too hot to kind of Cool. I am quite liking it. Anyways before we enter the showers of July lets see what June has given me.
Yes, so the product of the Month for June goes to "NYX EYESHADOW BASE in SKIN TONE"

 Well I own this product from quite a long time now. If you are a reader of my blog, you must be aware that I do a lot of makeup looks. Apart from that I also wear eye makeup in real life. From vibrant to neutral, I love experimenting with different looks. And when you use eyeshadows, a must have for you is a good base to hold and bring out the shades. You must be thinking, if she has been using the Nyx base from quite a long time, then why all of a sudden talking about it today. Well recently I had severe hormone changes which made a lot of physical change in me, including making my eye lids super duper oily. Yes, all my life I had a combination skin but a normal eyelid, but now my eye lids are oily. I used other eye bases like Elianto eye base but my eye makeup just creased like hell. I felt as if my eyeshadows just slipped off. But one thing that saved me was NYX EYESHADOW BASE. It just adhered my eye shadows all day without a slightest creasing.


  • Comes in three shades, White, Skin tone and Pearl. I own Skin Tone
  • It comes in a transparent pot with a white lid.
  • It can be a bit bulky but I dont mind.
  • It retails at all Nyx Counters. I got mine from Sephora, Kuala Lumpur. (I miss Sephora !!) for rm 20 something

  • An awesome base for my oily eyelids.
  • Holds the eyeshadow very well and stays on all day.
  • No creasing, no rubbing off of the shade till you remove it.
  • Texture is creamy 
  • Blends easily.
  • The skin tone shade evens out of eyelid.
  • Makes the eyeshadow more vibrant.
  • One pot lasts forever. So true to the price paid.
Its a perfect eye base for me which makes my eyeshadows pop, vibrant and last forever.
Do comment below and let me know your views about this product.


  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try this base for so long!

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  2. I really want to try this once my faces one gets over.
    Thanks for the review Arpita and these beetles on the rightside bar are cute.<3

  3. This has been forever in my wish list.. i keep forgetting abt it every time i shop.. Nice review dear

    1. thanks Rajalakshmi....u will sure love it :)

  4. NYX makes really good stuffs..but they are pricey in India,..

  5. Nice review but I'd really like to ask if a eyeshadow base does make a difference other than what a concealer helps. I have tried a couple of them and i still stick to my Oriflame studio artist concealer as a base and it works pretty amazing for me :)

    1. hi Preety...Well for me my concealer is not enough to hold on to the eyeshadows...If I wear neutral shades it does stays on but again light colors doesnot show off well...And if I go for bright bold shadows it just creases...So for me an eyebase is a must have :)

  6. Great review dear! You can really see the difference...I am on hunt of a good base...Might check it out!


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