Monday, 10 June 2013

Summer Series : Summer Bronzed Eyes with a Pop

hey lovelies...
Today's look is a Bronzed makeup look with a pop up. So with a basic bronzed eye, I applied a BLUE eyeliner. You can use pretty much any shade of liner / even a bright lips to give a pop up to the basic bronze eye.
So have a look.....

  • Prime your eyes.
  • Apply a layer of Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in BRONZE to create a base.
  • Apply a BRONZE shade all over the lid.
  • Next take a DARK BROWN shade and apply it in the outer V and blend it along the crease.
  • Now take a highlight shade and apply it on the inner corner and extend it to the inner part of lower lash line.
  • For the pop, take any POP UP color eye liner and line the lower lash line.
I used Silkygirl Eyelight Pencil in SKY BLUE for this look. Read my review on all Silkygirl Eyelight pencils here
  • Apply few coats of mascara and your gorgeous summery look is done...
  • Team this look with a PEACH blush and NUDE/PEACH lips.


  1. everytime i look at your eyeshadow look i get so envy! hehe.. i love the shape of your eyes! your lid is just nice! im not a monolid but when i apply eyeshadow it tens to suck to the back of my eye. people always said i dont really look like wearing eyeshadow... haha!

  2. Yea she got the almond shape.

  3. The best shade of eye to do any eye makeup.

  4. love this look arpita,by the way what lipstick are u using?

    1. thanks dearie...
      I am using Silkygirl Moisture Max Lip Gloss in Hazelnut


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